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Winner of the Process of Science Award, "Perfect!: Circles" is a zine recognized and distributed by the Year of Science 2009 zine competition. It addresses the bias towards perfect circles in the history of cosmological advancement. It can be easily unfolded and placed on a photocopier, so that more booklets can be quickly produced, and scientific knowledge can be efficiently spread by scientists and amateurs alike.

"A perfect example of a very elegant zine. It gets at some subtle forces that can be at work in the formation of scientific theories, such as a preference for aesthetic "perfection" and for simplicity. The emphasis on mathematical accuracy helps to explain how science ultimately is able to progress towards better theories." - Year of Science 2009 Judges

"Perfect!: Circles"
"Perfect!: Circles"
Photocopy on colored paper
4.25" x 2.75" folded