Amy Schleser is a multimedia artist and science writer currently based in Madison, WI. Her specialties include artists books, nature journaling, science storytelling, video editing, watercolor, and more. Just about every weekend, Amy sketches little nature mysteries outdoors and doodles diagrams. She has received both tiny and national writing awards for science and visual communication.

Amy Schleser has worked as an exhibition developer at Chicago's Field Museum, as a K-12 art teacher, and currently leads media production for a kids science curriculum at Mystery Science. She holds a degree from SAIC (The School of The Art Institute of Chicago)--a BFA with an emphasis in Art Education.

Amy is an ex-Creationist turned science educator who fell in love with science in college. Much of her personal work is about her experience with false facts and sorting out the truth. Amy enjoys giving talks and Q&A sessions about the process of leaving Creationism, and how that has uniquely shaped her as a science educator and artist today.